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We are live!

What a journey this has been.

I just realized that I wrote my first blog post last July -- the day I decided on my pseudonym. As soon as I posted it, I saw how poorly designed my website was that I had to take it down again.

With the help of my Hubby (who will forthwith be known only as Hubby), we were able to redesign the website and finally connect it to my previously purchased domain.

Hubby did the foundational design work, but I was fairly satisfied with my own ability to connect my Wix site to my domain. I can be techie when I want to be. The instructions on Wix were outdated as well, so there were a few things I had to figure out for myself. Huzzah!

As I continue work on my first draft, where I now have almost 64,000 words, I wonder how this book will turn out. IF I am inevitably disappointed by the result, I am, at least, really enjoying the journey.

I have had to learn a whole new industry, the likes of which I had never been exposed to before. I have made friends - writers, editors, and readers alike. I have pushed through my discomfort and boundaries and embraced promoting myself using social media. I have braved sharing my work and exposing myself to negative feedback.

This is a special time.

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